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The SeaMax is built with high-tech materials, such as carbon fiber, Kevlar ® (Aramid Fiber), fiberglass, stainless steel and aircraft aluminum and goes through a strict quality control, both in confection of parts as in the other processes of painting and assembly.

The exterior design conception of SeaMax was a challenge for the harmony between its beauty and its hydro and aerodynamic efficiencies. From the beginning the goal was to design a unique aircraft, with smooth behavior, which have an excellent performance in flight and in the water.

In his first 10 operational years, the M22 has been the cover in over 25 international specialized magazine covers and has received the award for best "two-seat amphibious aircraft" in the world several times. The latest award was received in April 2012 by the North American Fair in Lakeland, USA, as "Outstanding best commercial S-LSA"(Special lights sports aircraft) competing with 30 other manufacturers.

Technical Specifications

Performance Specifications
maximum speed: 208 km/h Two seats, side by side
cruise speed: 110 mph (176 km/h) Length: 19 ft 10 in
stall speed: 43 mph (38 kts; 68 km/h) Wingspan: 33 ft 6 in
endurance: 5 hours at cruise Wing area: 130 sq ft
rate of climb: 1000 ft/min Cabin width: 46.9 in
take off distance (required): 450 feet Empty weight: 722 lbs
landing distance (required): 450 feet Max fuel capacity: 26.5 gal
  Max takeoff weight: 1,320 lbs


Nowadays, with over 7 years of directives from the FAA in the United States, in the category of Light Sport Aircraft, its certification and availability make it the most successful amphibious S-LSA in the world. Seamax's goal is to continue to improve and transform the industry, producing aircrafts at affordable prices.

  • The Seamax, with the Rotax 912 S engines needs only 450 feet for takeoffs and landings, both on land and water.
  • The new FW version has folding wings, which facilitate the transport and storage of the aircraft.
  • Ballistic parachute which makes the aircraft even safer.
  • "Canopy" piece providing wide visibility.
  • Interior design combined with the comfort of an improved ergonomic layout.
  • Control stick strategically placed for simple, fast and efficient controls.
  • The comfortable position of the central joystick next to the pilot, and the stability of the aircraft permit, according to the pilots, "Sit back and enjoy the ride."
  • On ground adjustable synthetic leather seats with in flight adjustable backrest.
  • Central console with storage compartment and baggage space located just behind the seats, in the center of gravity.
  • Endurance of 5 hours.
  • Ideal for recreational activities, strategic monitoring and surveillance of large areas, even in remote areas with difficult access.
  • Mogas 92 octn, or avgas 100LL.